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Новый видео-репортаж о съемках фильма "Затерянный город Z" от французского телеканала TF1


В репортаже от французского телеканала о "Затерянном городе Z" можно увидеть Роба во время съемок в Колумбии. 

 телеканал TF1

Наш канал на Vimeo

BTS Footage of Robert Pattinson "The Lost City of Z" - TFI

только фрагмент  "За кадром"

Anne-Claire Coudray Journalist: The movie we are going to talk about right now has been filmed in Amazonia, with mosquitoes and beasts, that was indeed needed to tell the story of an explorer who really existed at the beginning of the 20th century. Percy Fawcett is unknwon from most of all but he has inspired Indiana Jones and has consecrated his life to find the lost city of Z.

Voice: Percy Fawcette, Bristish Army Colonel, has truly existed. In 1906 he was sent to Amazonia to map this territory at the time unknown. Fawcett fell in love with the jungle and its legends, myths about a lost city which became his obsession and which will make him perish during his 8th expedition.

Man: Fawcett is an immense star, at the time we talk about everywhere in the culture magazines, all books and we will hear of him even after. It is truly amazing. Because there’s on one side an adventures’ life bringing us in different parts of South America, and on the other side an end opened to anyone’s mind for comics, movie makers…

Voice: Spielberg and his famous explorer Indiana Jones Or else Herger in ‘the broken ear’ (Tintin). This time, Percy Fawcett is a tormented man, launched in an impossible quest. Far away from studios’ comfort, the whole cast party went to the Colombian jungle, 100% humidity, temperature at 40° celcius.

James Gray: You are an intruder in a world infested by insects, it’s really weird to work next to a deathly spider as big as your hand. We shot river scènes in a water full of crocodiles and I am really happy my actors did not know about it at the time.

Voice: Actors like Robert Pattinson, definitely unrecognizable as Fawcett’s companion.
Sumptuous images all in depth on a character who stays an enigma

*********Thanks for English translation - Laura




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